Direct Marketing Using Postcards Promoting Your Skin Care Products |

There are many advantages when using postcards in direct marketing to promote and sell your skin care products. You can instantly get feedback from your customers. Direct mail is direct marketing. Sell a wide variety of your products as it offers a lot of advantages over other media forms. Here are the advantages that postcard direct mailing can give you.Advantages of Using Postcards in Marketing Day Spa Businesso Selectivity. You have the options of selecting your consumers since direct mail is almost the same as personal selling at customer’s doorsteps. Research and get addresses of the target market that you will be mailing your postcards. This way, you have the selection capability of the people that can be a potential buyer of your skin care products.o Personalization. Postcard direct mailing is more personal compared to other medium of selling or promotion. With postcards, you can put names of the person you will be sending your mails. This will give a positive feeling to your consumers which are a good foundation for potential product purchase.o Flexibility. What makes postcard direct mailing flexible is because it can directly address the interests and concerns of your skin care product buyers. It is also more detailed since it can list down all the benefits they can get from your product.o Immediate Response. Never forget to put on your postcard the contact number of your skin care business. There should always be a response device so your consumers can contact you anytime soon as they have decided to purchase your product.Direct mailing using postcard allows you to communicate directly with your customers. Once you decided to use this type of selling your skin care product, find an online printing company that will help you in creating postcards plus mailing them to your chosen market for more efficient production and use of time.

Combine Hand Addressed Mailers With Personalized URLs (PURLs) To Increase Direct Marketing Response |

Your customers want to feel special. Everyone does – it’s a basic human need. So why do we continue to send out mass marketing pieces that treat our audience like they’re just part of the crowd? Email blasts and bulk mailings may appear to be less expensive up front, but they don’t provide the return on investment you receive when you take a more personalized approach with your marketing.As competition for customer loyalty heats up, an increasing number of businesses are looking for new ways to personally reach each member of their audience. One successful approach marketers are taking is to send their clients a personalized URL (PURL) in a real, hand addressed envelope. This customized marketing piece is eye-catching and extremely effective in capturing your audience’s attention and pulling them in to your website.What is a Personalized URL?
A personalized URL is a customized web address that includes the first and last name of the person you’re sending it to. For example, if you had a customer named John Sample, you could send him an invitation to visit, which displays his first and last name after your brand. Since people love to see their own names, odds are good that John Sample’s curiosity would take over and he would get online right away to visit his customized web page.
Once John Sample visits his personal URL, he would see a customized welcome screen with information about your services. Since you can collect real-time data on all of the people who visit their personalized URLs, you’ll immediately know who is visiting your site and learning about your services. You can then follow-up with Mr. Sample and your other newly engaged leads while the personalized web page is still fresh in their minds.Why Handwritten Envelopes Make Personalized URLs a Success
Personalized URLs are incredibly effective – but only if your recipient visits their customized web page. For these URLs to work, you need a creative way to get them in front of your target audience. This is where real handwriting comes in. One of the best ways to improve your direct marketing return on investment is to use hand addressed envelopes (real pens, no fonts) – as they can increase response rates by as much as 300%. When your customer sees their handwritten name and address in their mailbox, they will open your envelope. With hand addressed envelopes, you greatly increase the odds that your audience will see their personalized URLs – driving them to your website and dramatically improving the overall success of your campaign.Outsource the Handwriting and Personalized URLs to Save Time
Since both pieces of this campaign will take some planning, you should consider outsourcing to streamline your efforts. There are a number of Personalized URL service providers and software packages available -simply Google “Personalized URL” to find the options that fit your needs and budget. You can also save time by outsourcing the handwriting to a company that specializes in “handwritten mail”. They will be able to insert your personalized URL mailer, hand address your envelope, and apply a colorful first-class stamp. Most handwritten mail companies have relationships with printers and mail houses if you need assistance with creating your mailer.A Powerful and Personalized Direct Mail Combination
There are two important parts to any direct mail campaign. One is to encourage your audience to read your message. The other, is to give them a compelling call-to-action. Most direct mail pieces are good at one or the other, but few succeed at both. When you combine a hand addressed mailing with a personalized URL, you will find that a higher percentage of your contacts will open your handwritten envelope, view their URL and respond to your offer by visiting their customized web address.
The next time you need to attract new customers, think twice before sending out an impersonal mass mailing or email blast. With a little planning, you can send an effective, personalized message that reaches many more potential customers and greatly improves your marketing return on investment.

Direct Marketing – Mailing List Brokers for Professional Lead Generation |

No matter how big or small your organization is; every business needs customer to sustain in the market. Most companies spend a significant amount of money on advertising and marketing in efforts to reach potential customers. Instead of wasting huge amount of money on rather futile marketing methods such as TV advertisements and hoardings, companies can use direct marketing to specifically promote their products and services to those who may be interested in the offer, and are authorized to make financial decisions. Direct marketing involves using direct communication modes such as e-mail, telephone, SMS, and the likes; the motto is to inform all prospective customers about the company’s products and services.The biggest challenge most marketers face is to find prospective customers. If your company requires a continuous flow of leads, you may hire a team of professional list generation executives. However, if your requirement is limited it is advisable that you avail the services of professional mailing list brokers. List brokers are privately owned firms specializing in searching various databases and finding potential customer for every industry. These companies use various databases and web based platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc, to find the people who are or may be interested in the services or products offered by your company.You need to keep a few factors in mind when purchasing a mailing list. The foremost thing to consider is the credentials of prospective customers your marketing campaign requires. Every bit of data costs; be absolutely clear about the fields you want to have in the list. You should select the fields based upon the means of communication you plan to use. Another very important thing to check is the date on which the list was generated or last updated; this is extremely critical as outdated leads may turn out to be useless for your company’s marketing campaign. People often change their contact numbers, e-mail address, physical address, and some even request to be taken off the mailing list; updating the list ensures that all such changes are updated.